Say goodbye to feeding and watering your infrastructure


Powered by FortiSIEM (previously AccelOps) – Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) 2014-16 software, hosted securely in the cloud on the Amazon Web Services platform, and deployed in partnership with the vendor, we’ve bolted on and glued together some additional smart technologies, added a soupçon of special sauce and a pinch of creative passion to proudly offer our managed SIEM-as-a-service that is billed based on a consumption reconciled subscription.

In plain English, that means we will manage the monitoring and reporting on the security, compliance and performance of your IT systems and business services. Not just host the software. But actually manage the setup and continuous fine tuning to ensure you get the Insights you need. See what we did there?

In return, you pay us for what you actually use, not what you predict you might use (or what we think can get away with charging you). We’ll even do the hard yards to simplify the billing process, so there’s no complicated end-of-month reconciliation process for you.  See our Pricing policy for more details.


Work smarter, not harder

Eliminate the need to employ multiple staff to reactively log onto a multiplicity of individual management tools and devices to conduct lengthy investigations into incidents long after the damage has already been done. Insight plugs into to your existing management platforms and natively talks to your devices out-of-the-box. Automagically, events of security interest are correlated and contextualised to give you meaningful Insights to your IT systems and services.

Say hello to instant value

Insight allows you to make quicker and better informed decisions, and gives you the best possible chance to take the appropriate action to proactively prevent events becoming incidents. No more costly service interruptions and less chance of undetected security breaches, which equals no more lost productivity and reputation damage. Sound good? There’s more.


Added features

We can integrate our product into your existing ITSM or helpdesk tool to simplify event and incident management and resolution tracking. And we’ll even in throw in configuration management database services (CMDB); advanced change management monitoring; compliance monitoring (PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley etc.); configuration management and backup.

There’s more: we’re plugged into many of the mainstream web-based threat management services to identify weaknesses and allow you to proactively make the changes to keep the wolf from the door. And for a little bit extra, we’ll even help you make the right changes, in the right order to help you get as much bang for your buck as possible.

Better yet, we’ll continuously improve our service. It’s in our name after all. That means you’ll get access to all the latest features and improvements appropriate to your subscription included as part of the fee. We’re nice like that.

How it works

You download and install our virtual appliances on your network, and with a bit of jiggery pokery we’ll be remotely and securely gathering your logging data and thousands of events per second within minutes. After only days, we’ll start to establish baselines on what normal business activity looks like, and soon after, we can quickly spot anomalies and deviations. And we’ll alert you in as close to real-time as possible.